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 Computer Lab   
A Computer Lab will give residents the opportunity to create resumes, search for jobs, apply for services, take online classes and learn computer skills. 
 Health Services 
Community health nurse to provide health education, smoking cessation programs, drug abuse intervention, inoculations, and diseaase preventitive measures. 

While still in the planning stage, New Hope Community Partnership's vision is to offer several programs and activities for the residents of the greater Brunswick area.  After taking a look at the various programs below, please scrolldown and tell us what you think! Thanks! 

 Cooking Classes 
Cooking and nutrition classes and demonstrations such as diabetic menu planning and meal prep, healthy eating for children and families and healthy dieting. 
 Financial Classes 
Personal and family financial classes, budgeting, credit counseling, home buyer seminars, retirement planning, paying for college and tax preperation basics.  
 Dance & Theater 
Dance and performance space for classes, community theater groups, small concerts and other performance art activities. 
 Youth Activities 
Additional activities and programs for youth, in particular, activities for middle and high school studens for weekends, after-school and summer months, such as clubs, games, and STEM-related opportunities.
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