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Our Mission

The mission statement of New Hope Community Partnership is "to promote physical, emotional and spiritual development and to improve the quality of life of the residents of the City of Brunswick and surrounding areas." 

Our goal is to purchase or construct a community center in Brunswick in order to host other non-profit organizations and to offer programs and services to the community.  To learn more about the various aspects of our mission and goals, click below. 

 Programs and Services 
Brunswick, Maryland has a celebrated history of industry and innovation. Establishing a community center will be a step forward into a future that builds on our prosperous past.
Our community center will host local non-profits as well as build connections, network our strengths, foster growth, and provide access to resources to strengthen our community and make a difference for the citizens of Greater Brunswick. 
Click here for more information on the types of programs we plan to offer. Got an idea? Share your opinons with us!
 Who are we? 
New Hope Community Partnership was founded by members of different community organizations who have been brought together by a common vision.
We are community volunteers, local leaders, youth mentors, scout leaders, church members and neighbors, each committed to a true 'partnership' of helping hands working for the sustainable, vibrant future of our "Big Town, Little City."
Click here to learn more about New Hope, our Board of Directors, important documents, and our recent efforts. 
 Community Center 
Brunswick's population is projected to nearly double by the end of the decade. We have outgrown our town's limited space for community-based organizations to meet and operate. 
We need a hub - a center for our youth and our seniors. We need a home for our artists and our makers. We need a resource for those needing a helping hand and for those already striding ahead.
 Click here for more information about why we need a community center and our plan for the creation of a space for all of Greater Brunswick. 
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