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Brunswick Community Center

The primary goal of New Hope Community Partnership is to open a community center in downtown Brunswick.  With our population expected to double to 12,000 by the end of the decade, Brunswick needs a hub, a central building for community programs.


We envision a single building consisting of a mix of flexible and dedicated spaces.

Flexible Spaces


Flexible space will consist of comfortable meeting rooms of various sizes primarily dedicated for use by non-profit and community-based organizations. Current plans include:

  • social programs such as after-school clubs and senior activities;

  • meeting space for non-profits, including veterans development and outreach;

  • educational opportunities, community college extension classes and financial literacy programs;

  • and support groups such as AA and NA, which are vital to the ongoing well being of some of our most vulnerable citizens. 

Dedicated Spaces

Our hopes for dedicated space are dependent on the development of partnerships within the Greater Brunswick Community. Building relationships with our fellow community organizations and assessing current needs are critical aspects of this initial planning phase. 


Current plans include:

  • a dedicated computer lab that will provide upskilling opportunities for our residents and access to important online resources;

  • a community theater space for local performing arts groups, including drama, dance and musical presentations, as well as rotating exhibit space;

  • a permanent and larger home for the Brunswick Food Bank;

  • a fully-functional kitchen for nutrition education, cooking classes and demonstrations;

  • and a fully-equiped maker space for educational programs and innovator incubation.

The Board of Directors is currently examining all available properties for suitability to find our future Community Center. Our ideal location should be easily accessible and contribute to the sustainability of our city. Once the site has been identified, fundraising will be our next challenge. Costs may include improvements and renovation to maximize the utility of the space, comply with local building codes, and ensure disabled access.  Please join the partnership and support our mission to open a Community Center in Brunswick by clicking here.


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